Sean Jones MC left the army after 16 years as a Colour Sergeant in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

Sean was awarded the Military Cross for his actions after a complex ambush on his patrol in Afghanistan in 2011.

Part of his citation read: He “epitomised the best qualities of the British infantry: gritty determination, controlled aggression, tactical cunning and complete disregard for his own safety”.

Sean’s career came to an abrupt end after a diagnoses of PTSD in 2018 which led him through a period of huge anxiety, depression, suicidal thought processes and an admission to a psychiatric unit.

After a long period of therapy and reflection came growth. With the growth he has experienced through positive life changes and interactions with the Declassified network he has been able to start over again and is now on a journey to help others through the lessons he has learned.

He has began with speaking out about how he managed his mental health and his transition from the military over social media and will soon be offering talks about his journey.