Combat Pest Control and Delivering Amazing Global Impacts

After six months at Combat Pest Control as the operations manager I have settled in well and I am enjoying my time. In this article I wanted to share the vision of this veteran run company.

Employ Our Military Veterans and Reservists 

Our company was started by two veterans Des and Michael who had a long term vision to help employ and grow our veterans. They started on the road themselves until it became viable to begin employing their first veteran. Since then they have stood by their promise and the companies first vision to employ our military veterans and reservists. I came a little further down the line and really out of building a relationship with Michael and eventually Des. I am now a part of their vision and hope to help drive their vision forward into the future.

Educate & Assist Children in Conflict Areas

Something that I was amazed by when I was transitioning into working here was the amazing global impacts that we can have by delivering pest control to the people of London. To date we have delivered 52,279 global impacts that include; 

  • 3351 days of educational support to street children in Afghanistan
  • 487 days of clean drinking water to families in Ethiopia 
  • 9127 days of clean water in Malawi 

The list goes on and can be seen directly on our website

During my 16 year career in the military on various deployments I carried out the missions and tasks that I was directed to do by my chain of command that were to support the larger scale objectives of the higher command. I very rarely saw positive outcomes of our missions but as part of combat today I can see those positive impacts that we create daily.

Protect Our Customers

Combat Pest Control protects its customers and will go the extra mile to ensure that they live in a pest free environment. By having highly trained and capable technicians on the ground we ensure that our treatments and programmes are thorough. I spent my initial days at the company on the road with the technicians observing how they deliver our treatment programmes. For me not really being a huge fan of pests and being that guy that won’t go near a spider! I was taken under the wing of the technicians and shown how to carry out the various jobs that we deliver on a daily bases that protect our customers which in turn deliver the global impacts and help towards employing more veterans for the company. If I didn’t do this phase initially I don’t think I would be able to plan forward as efficiently as I have been able to.

Support Our Injured Service Personnel

I can speak specifically about my own journey here and it is well documented that after 16 years in the army I was discharged after being diagnosed with PTSD. I met Michael and recorded a podcast with him as part of the declassified network which was hard but a great thing to do. We formed a friendship and eventually I met Des who again I have formed a fantastic friendship with. They both knew I was being discharged from the military and in keeping with their vision they offered me a job as the operations manager at the company. Over the last six months it has been great to learn and grow within the business and with their help and support I am happy, employed and part of a vision led veteran run business. 

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