Be Accountable For Your Situation

In life we are accountable for many things. Bills, jobs, children the list goes on but we often forget the first thing we are accountable for and that is ourselves. 

Mt Olympus, Greece 2018

We’re accountable for our hygiene, diet, time management, work, routine and again the list is endless but yet we seem to find it easier to blame someone else or something else for what’s going on in our lives over holding ourselves accountable. 

Lately I have seen a lot of this going on across the whole spectrum of life and media. Its so easy to blame somebody else for your problems it really is, believe me I know because I have been in that state of mind where I blamed everyone else for what was happening in my life as opposed to looking at my own inactions and holding myself accountable. 

Now I know there are times where it is fact that you’re relying on someone or something else to progress however, as opposed to kicking off about it when it goes wrong try to work out what else can be done. 

I look at my journey through mental illness as an example. Now when I was really bad and at my lowest point I became easily distracted and blamed the army for how I was acting and the position I was in. Now the fact was that I was receiving therapy for my issues, the army were providing this in the best way they could at the time. But it wasn’t good enough for me it was all about me and what they should be doing for me. I wasn’t looking at what can I be doing to help myself out of this mess. I was looking at blame and all the negatives in a negative situation.

I should have been looking to create positives out of the negatives. How could you have been helping yourself in this scenario people will be asking. You were ill you should have been cared for. The Ministry Of Defence have a responsibility to make you better. These are phrases I often see at the moment on social media and that were said to me along my journey. Whilst the MOD do have a responsibility to help me (and they did), I first have a responsibility as we all do to ourselves. I wasn’t holding myself accountable for the actions I was taking or to be honest the better phrase is the inaction I was taking.

There is no magic wand for any form of mental illness and that’s just fact. But dealing with it is more than just therapy with a professional. Once I held myself accountable for my inaction I began to look at alternate forms of self care. A pair of guys I met through an opportunity called Ryan Felix and Rob Brautigam introduced me to the importance of having a good morning routine to start the day off rite. Theirs involved a mixture of fitness, meditation and hydration. I started to do my own research and read about these methods. I started to hold myself accountable. Needless to say I started to have a routine that was bullet proof it was hard to get into but in doing my morning run and my meditation the actual medical professional counselling I was receiving started to fit into place and I jumped into this period of growth that I am now still in.

Now my example was my own situation but you can apply it to anything, YOU are accountable for your path YOU can always do a little more. Do not rely upon or blame others for YOUR situation because whilst it maybe true and is someone else’s fault it doesn’t change your situation so take a grip of it be accountable, take action and move forward because YOU can do it.

One thought

  1. Such a great perspective. We are completely responsible. Accountability for ourselves and our actions is not often considered and the only way we can bring ourselves out of difficult situations is to be accountable.


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